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Madonnina di Pantano

Madonnina di Pantano
In 1995 a phenomena occurred that could be said to be paranormal; a miracle which left national public opinion literally astounded and which has set off number debates within the Italian and foreign catholic environment and even caught the attention of the Holy Father.
In fact, on 2 February of that year, on the occasion of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the Purification of May, a small statue of the Madonna portraying the Queen of Peace and coming from Medjugorie, started to cry blood tears in the garden of a family living in the parish of S. Agostino at Civitavecchia.
Well, from that day until the 15th of March, the statue of the Madonna cried for 14 times in the presence of many people who have given sworn testimony in front of a Theological Commission, instituted by the Bishop who held the statue in his hands the last time the blood tears fell; here, having overcome any doubts, he paved the way to official recognition. While these events were taking place, there were numerous debates and open confrontations between those who ascertained that it was an authentic miracle, and those animated by skepticism who assumed that the incident was purely the fruit of human and not Divine intervention.
The statue was then scientifically examined with positive results. There were no tricks or internal hidden devices and the tears were human blood. Finally, after various difficulties, on 17 June 1995 the Bishop placed that statue in a display case situated in the Parish of S. Agostino and displayed it for worship by the faithful. From that day on, there have been considerable pilgrims, even worldwide, that have come to worship the She who everyone now calls "The Madonna of Civitavecchia".
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