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Tourist Port of Riva di Traiano

Tourist Port of Riva di Traiano
The port is located at about forty five minutes from Rome, on the stretch that goes from Santa Marinella to Civitavecchia, in the heart of a notably important Etruscan area.
It extends over 255,000 square meters with 4,000 line meters of docks that can host 1,182 boats that measure up to 42 meters.
24-hour radio assistance is provided by the control tower and 9 specialized persons assist boats with mooring maneuvers.
An AGIP gas pump is opened all year to distribute Super gasoline and diesel. Water, electricity and telephone are available at all mooring stations. Furthermore, there are Toilettes, equipped also for handicapped persons, with free hot water showers open all day.
Amongst other things, there is also: a weather service, guard service, diversified waste collection, fire fighting service, change in port water and cleaning of water surface. There are numerous parking spaces inside the port and a large parking area outside for visitors.
Lastly, there is a shopping center that includes, amongst other things, a restaurant, bar, supermarket, newspaper and tobacco shop, nautical equipment and brokers, clothing, photograph equipment, florist and others.
Above all, national and international regattas are organized and scuba diving courses and other sports activities are available. The Tourist Port of Riva di Traiano also promotes various cultural activities, such as: concerts for classical and light music, book presentations, art shows, etc.
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